“Where the Wild Things Are” is the title of a book, it should not be the description of your attic!

Having a wild animal in or around your home, office or store is at best mildly amusing, and at worst downright dangerous.

You found our website because you have, or fear you may have, an uninvited wild animal in your building. Animals in your home damage it and threaten your family. In your business they drive up costs due to liability and repair, and they alarm your clients and customers. 

Are you uncertain about what to do? We can help.


What ARP can do for you.

ARP humanely traps and removes wildlife from residential homes and commercial buildings, repairs the damage the animals caused and seals the home so the animals cannot get back in.

We have been in the wild animal removal business for 12 years and understand what you are dealing with and how to completely resolve your problem. Shooing the animal out by yourself is possible but not wise. We will remove the animal and keep them from returning.

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More about ARP.


Melanie, owner of ARP, loves to be around animals, especially animals that others don’t deal with. In the 12 years since Animal Removal and Prevention has been in business she has dealt with everything from mice to moose, snakes to skunks and bats to pigeons.

Melanie has also led ARP to one of the 2014 Top 50 Pest Removal companies in the U.S. by Cascade Pest Control.

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